Truth Assessment Services - Decoding linguistics to get to the truth.
Certified Statement Analyst 
Julia Bate   

As a Statement Analyst, I use my communication skills and the science of linguistics to help social workers, employers, attorneys, business executives, sales people, and countless others understand exactly what was said or written. 

Highly accurate, SCAN Statement Analysis is a scientific method of decoding a person's language to determine if the person is writing or speaking from the part of the brain which holds memories or from the part of the brain that engages in creative fabrications. 

Though a relatively new technique, Statement Analysis is widely used in law enforcement circles including the FBI, ATF, and CIA. Statement Analysis is employed by those insuring security around the world.

This up-and-coming scientific method is so effective that it can even detect lies in statements in which information is missing. 

◆  Founder & CEO Truth Assessment Services  
◆  Court Appointed Special Advocate for Abused & Neglected Children  
◆  Writer of Technology Education 
◆  Editor ~ Digital Media, Manuscripts, Corporate Annual Reports  
◆  Founder & CEO JB Communications ~ Marketing, Advertising & Public Relations

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