Truth Assessment Services - Decoding linguistics to get to the truth.
Find the truth.

Truth Assessment Services provides Statement Analysis to a wide range of professional organizations with the goal of ascertaining whether or not a job candidate, client, employee, or defendant is telling the truth. 

Statement Analysis uses SCAN, the science of linguistics, to discern whether a subject is being truthful or deceptive, what information a subject is concealing, and whether or not a subject was actively involved in a crime. 

A highly structured technique, Statement Analysis offers indisputable accuracy based on the subject’s own word choices. When a person speaks or writes from imagination to construct a deceptive story, he/she uses one part of the brain. When a person speaks or writes from memory, he/she uses a different part of the brain. A person can speak from memory without having actually experienced a situation first hand — he can recount something he has read or seen or been told or dreamed. Nuances in the language, changes in word choice, changes in tense and voice, and calculating percentages of time spent in the various stages of story telling enable a Certified 
Statement Analyst to discern the truth.

Statement Analysis is widely used in law enforcement circles including specialists in the FBI, ATF, and CIA, and employed by those ensuring security worldwide. Unlike the results of a polygraph test, what a subject writes or says can be used as legitimate evidence in a case.

To find out how Truth Assessment Services can help you, contact 
Certified SCAN Statement Analyst, Julia Bate. 
Confidential phone line: 720-849-1983.
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